Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I'm off today to London, England to attend LonCon! This is really exciting for me because it is my first international trip, and LonCon is a huge convention. I'm excited to hear a number of different authors read like Tanya Huff, Connie Willis, and Pat Rothfuss. I'm bummed to see P.C. Hodgell appears to have cancelled. I had 2 of her books all packed ready to be signed, but I understand why she can't make it - Someone she loves needs surgery. I've been going over the LonCon programme for the past week, deciding on what I'll do and trying to figure out when I can do a little sightseeing. I don't plan to do much sightseeing. The convention is five days long. I'm in London for seven days. I'll probably stay around Greenwich and check out all the cool stuff there. There's tons of stuff to visit just in Greenwich. A lot of it within walking distance from the hotel.

I hope to post pictures while I'm there and share a bit of my experience. There's a ton to do at the convention. There are panels, plays, games, readings, movies, and more. I won't be able to attend everything, but I'm gonna try to go to a lot. This promises to be a very busy, full trip.


Sarah Pauley said...

Sounds like might have been pretty awesome. We never have anything cool here. I hope you had a lot of fun.

Something tells me I wouldn't even be able to speak if I met any authors I like lol.

(also can't wait for the newest Scary Mary book when you finish writing it.)

S.A. Hunter said...


Yeah it was an amazing trip. It was my first international one, so it was full of all sorts of new experiences for me.

If anyone's interested, there are a few pictures posted on my Facebook page.