Friday, January 2, 2015

What's Coming 2015?

My New Year's resolution is to WRITE MORE. So what does this mean for you? It means I am starting a new serial project called My Demon. I shared a bit of it in a Nanowrimo post. I plan to release an episode every month that is between 10k-20k words. This project is different for many reasons. Here's a list why:

1. It's a serial, which means it is an ongoing story. I am not writing this in chapters but breaking it up by days. I will release a day or more in each project. Generally, each episode will cover two days.

2. Episodes will be released on Amazon only. This was a tough decision, but I wish to try out Kindle Select to see how well the project does. I admit this decision was purely based on financial reasons. I won't bore you with all of the details, but Amazon is my primary income source, and they've shaken things up in such a way that going exclusive with them may be very beneficial with this project. It also means that if you are in Amazon Prime or subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can read the episodes without having to buy them. I think I'll upload older episodes on more channels later in the year, but I can't say for sure until I see the results of this experiment. Scary Mary and other longer works will continue to be distributed to multiple platforms. Not just Amazon.

3. Playing with preorder. Preorder has become an option on many platforms. I'd like to try it out on Amazon. Every episode will be available for preorder the month before it is published.

4. No paranormal or fantastic elements. Unlike my other works, I don't plan to have any fantastic elements in this story. (I say I don't plan for this b/c it is an ongoing project and who knows where the story might end up? Never say never and all that.)

5. Open to reader input. While I have several episodes pre-written, this project is a work in-progress and I would love to hear what readers think and how they'd like the story to go. That doesn't mean I'll do what you say, but I'll definitely have it mind while I'm writing.

I really hope you like My Demon. It is a huge undertaking, and I hope it does well. But don't worry, I plan to work on a number of projects this year, not just My Demon. There is definitely another Scary Mary book in the works, along with a couple of other things.

Here is the current blurb for My Demon:
Sarah Smith doesn’t want to go to Noble Academy. She has grown up in its shadows and knows she doesn’t belong. Noble is the school for the children of the richest and the most influential in the Western hemisphere. Her father is a handyman, and her mother a cook. They work at Noble. Because they cannot afford to send her anywhere else, Sarah is admitted to this rarefied institution. She doesn’t expect to fit in or to have an especially good time, but then again, she doesn’t expect Damien West either.

From their very first meeting, Sarah knows Damien will be the bane of her existence. He’s rude, loud, and possibly homicidal. She fears he will make her life a living Hell and be her personal demon.

This first installment is 16k words. Each episode will be between 10k-20k words and priced ninety-nine cents or the regional equivalent. A new episode will be released at the start of every month.

This work is considered young adult, but there are instances of strong language and some mild violence.

And here is the preorder page.


Sarah Pauley said...

I'm so excited about My Demon (and no not just because I share the same first name with the girl lol). This does mean I'm going to have to save up for an amazon gift card soon *is broke again*. I've actually been debating on getting Kindle Unlimited and this news makes me lean more towards getting it lol.

I hope you had a great New Years! I also hope you have a great year this year ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi I'm fruitloop! I'm just reading scary mary at the moment and I find most of the free books i get are the best :D I love the tiger pincess and a pixie called pudding aswell(free on kindle btw)

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Fruitloop,

I'm sorry your comment got put in moderation for a bit. I'm glad you're enjoying Scary Mary and are finding many other great books. Happy reading!