Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Demon Episode 2 Published!

What the heck is Damien's deal?

Sarah's strange relationship with Damien causes her unexpected problems. Threats appear that confound her and put her personal safety at risk. And strangely, Damien is hellbent on protecting her.

This second installment is 15k words.

I would like to thank everyone who took a chance on episode 1 and bravely preordered episode 2. I hope you think it's money and time well spent.

I'm about to do something that all the wise authors say not to do, but I'd like to reply to the wonderful reviewer who has left reviews on both episodes. First and foremost, THANK YOU! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. One thing that you highlighted that I'm still struggling to address is the expectation that My Demon will have paranormal elements. I knew I was going to possibly confuse readers by titling the work My Demon. That sounds like it might be paranormal to put it mildly. This is supposed to be a high school drama without any fantasy elements. I don't want to bluntly say in the blurb that this serial has no fantasy elements, but I'm not sure otherwise how to convey it.

Now to address some of your other questions...They will be answered in future episodes. *Very Evil Smile* Honestly, I'm not being flippant. The episodes addressing your questions are written, but still need editing.

And again, thank you for your honest and passionate reviews. I adore them.

Footnote: Generally, I do not read reviews of my work. As the wise authors say, reviews are not meant for the author, they're meant for other readers. I've seen a number of online disasters where authors forgot this simple fact. I'm peeking at reviews for My Demon though because this is still a work very much in-progress, and I think reading reviews and reactions to the episodes could help inform the direction the story takes. My Demon is a big experiment. I have five episodes still to publish, but even as I put those out, I'll be working on future installments and could possibly be inspired by reader input. I'd like this to be a dynamic project. I don't know if that's possible, but I'm willing to give it a try.


Sarah Pauley said...

*squeals in excitement* I can't wait to read it! Might have to wait a bit before i can get it, but trust me I will be buying it (any others by then that might come out) as soon as i can ^_^ Can't wait for more books as well! Keep up the awesome work!

S.A. Hunter said...


You're such a sweetheart. I saw you'd reviewed My Demon Ep.1 on Goodreads. I don't know if you saw my blog post over there, but it's basically the same as this one except for a special note for just Goodreads at the end. I am absolutely terrified to mention anything in regard to reviews over there or to look at ratings or reviews of my stuff even. I almost didn't cross post the blog post.

And I'm off to remove the reviewer's name because I fear she wouldn't appreciate being identified. I don't know her and have not asked her permission. Will be off editing now.

PatGenn said...

I love your books and don't know how I missed the release of the first "My Demon" book. Just finished reading the two that are out and am now eagerly awaiting book 3. I was thrown by the title and thought there may be paranormal elements so thank you for clearing up the confusion. :) keep writing, please!

Sarah Pauley said...

I've notice some can be harsh on there with their reviews. I felt bad giving one for this one book series I like when I read the 2nd book (it was a HUGE let down to the point I couldn't read any more books for about a month) and gave it a rating of 3 stars on there. I couldn't bring myself to write a review of it on there. I love the author's others novels she's done, but this was just... The first book was amazing, her other series I read is amazing. I just didn't want say anything negative about it. Almost a year later and I still feel bad giving it a 3 star rating ^^;

Anyway, one of my friends is going to try to read all the books you have out right now when she gets time (she has a screaming 1 year old so reading is hard for her right now). I talk about how great the books are that I've read, so now she wants to read them.

S.A. Hunter said...


Thanks for reading My Demon! Yeah, the name may have been a misstep, but I like it...I'm going to add something to the blurb explaining that there are no actual demons.


Do not feel bad for any rating you give a book. If the book wasn't for you, the book wasn't for you. This reminds me sort of of one of Ranganathan's laws of Library Science, "Every reader her book." That one book just wasn't your book. There are plenty more out there and you will find all the books that are for you. Maybe with the help of your local library. :-)

I hope your friend likes my books...eventually. :-) I hope the baby is okay. Teething?

Sarah Pauley said...

Freakin' snow knocked out our power (it's back on now).

That's so true. Kind of like some don't like Twilight and others love it.

I'm sure she will. I'm not real sure, she hasn't mentioned it if she has. She's been getting into everything though and making a mess every few seconds lol. She wants to read books apparently, she keeps grabbing books from her mom and grandmother *giggles*. She said she always wants to be read to also.

S.A. Hunter said...


Virginia has been hit a bit recently by snow. Haven't lost power yet, knock on wood, though I've had quite a few internet connectivity issues unfortunately. Hope the weather improves wherever you are. We're going to have a few warmer days thankfully.

That's so sweet about the baby. :-)