Saturday, January 23, 2016


Remember that resolution I made -
5. Promote more. – I need to spread the word a bit more. Hiding under a rock does not appear to sell books. That’s a shame. I rather like my rock
Well, I've signed up for a low key local author event for the spring, and in preparation for it, I'm having some swag made. Here's the first thing I've gotten which are small one inch buttons. They turned out a little darker than anticipated, but still pretty good. I'm getting some magnets made as well. Hope to have them in a few weeks and I need to print more bookmarks. I've run out of those. I need to figure out as well how many books to have printed, but I don't anticipate selling many, but they'll be nice to have. It's a large group event. There will be many authors there.

So I haven't really crawled out from under my rock, but I am peeking out.

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