Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Demon Volume 1 Now FREE!

My Demon Volume 1 is now FREE at all retailers. If you've never picked it up, why not give it a try now? If you have purchased it in the past, thank you so much! Why not tell your friends how great it is and that it's free to read? It could be like a gift you don't have to spend any money on!

Sorry, I don't mean to shill so hard, but it feels like you gotta in this crazy book world now. I do have a bit of news for those interested in the Noble Academy family--I will be writing another story set in this world. The title will be The Girlfriend Shield. It will be released as a single volume. The tentative release date is January 15, 2017. More details on that later!

But if you haven't met Sarah, Damien, Angela and the rest of crazy Noble crew, why not say hello by picking up volume 1?

Volume 1 is FREE at the following retailers:

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Google Play / iTunes / Kobo


Sarah Pauley said...

I have to add Volume 2 and 3 to my list of needs when I have money to spare again ^_^ This volume had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

S.A. Hunter said...


You are so great. I'm glad you liked volume 1. :-)

Fathima said...

One of the best series I have read although I thought the ending of number 3 was a bit rushed and you should have made it a bit more clear about Sarah's and damaniens relashionship