Upcoming Release(s)

The Girlfriend Shield is due out in early/mid 2018. It is the next book in the Noble Academy Series! Sarah, Damien, Angela, Noah, and the rest of the Noble family will return for a brand new adventure!

Noah needs a girlfriend and Sarah is available. He blackmails her into posing as his girlfriend. She can't tell anyone that he's blackmailing her. Not Damien. Not her parents. And definitely not Angela because it's Angela he's holding over Sarah's head. If she doesn't play-along, he'll reveal that Angela's gay.

Now Angela and Damien are in a fake relationship and Sarah and Noah are in one too. Damien and Sarah like each other. Noah is getting over a major crush on Angela and she has to hide her true self in fear of being sent to a reprogramming camp.

 And then they all go to Hawaii for New Year's.