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Book 7 in the Scary Mary Series
Stolen Life is now available!

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A few months ago, Mary didn't know she had any living relatives until Jake contacted her. He found her by using his special ability called remote viewing. He can see anything he wants no matter how far away it is, except his mind's eye can't travel beyond the veil. He can't see outside our universe. The place he wants to see is a place of death and shadows where their shared relative Tracy Rathbone has been trapped for nineteen years. Jake needs Mary's and Vicky's help to see her home.

Mary wants to help, but she's cautious. Tracy is in the homeland of the Shadowmen, the terrifying creatures that slip through cracks and take a person's life force. Mary has only ever up against Shadowmen but only one at a time, and each time she has only barely won. Going up against an army of them would be impossible. But that's not the worst part. Why does he need Vicky's help? If Tracy weren't family, she wouldn't do it. She can't stand the cheerleader, and the feeling is heartily mutual.

She doesn't need to worry about the Shadowmen or Vicky though. Tracy has a plan. She just needs Jake to bring Mary to her. She'll take care of the rest. Mary really should've asked more questions about the plan because it isn't so much an escape plan as a trade, and Mary's the one being traded.

Abandoned, alone, and scared, Mary must figure out how to get home and take back her stolen life.

What am I working on now?
I am currently working on something new! A new story, a new world, a new heroine! I'm hoping it will be a trilogy. I'll post more once I figure stuff out, but I'll give you one clue--It involves vampires and they aren't nice.

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